I’m not sure what I will tell here and why I even decided to include this section. Do I want to impress others and/or myself with “projects” I’m working on, or do I simply need reassurance that I am working, not wasting my life? A wise woman long ago told me that I cannot edit my life before I write it so I will try to include all that I consider work and see what develops (or needs editing.)

At the moment, most of my energy has gone into creating this site.

I am also reworking a story for a literary event – this I swore I’d never do again, being sick of paying to have myself read – but I am desperately in need of reassurance at the moment. Or perhaps doing this (reworking an old piece), is a diversion to keep me from attacking my novel.

Although an amateur – lacking formal training and technical knowhow – I believe (immodestly) that I have an eye for computer design. I love creating pages, pamphlets, cards, websites, collages (any visual image/s with words on white space) on my MacBook Pro. At present, I am designing a flyer for our house in France to inspire renters so Rob and I can travel more (though we have agreed that we will only let the house to friends or acquaintances, or friends of friends or acquaintances who we feel we can trust with our precious home).

Last but not least in importance, I am editing and updating a website I created for a friend several years ago, and organizing an international writing workshop in June in our French house. (Click here for details.)

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