Posted on 18 February 2004

Rob just asked me if I wasn’t do my blog anymore. I will soon. I’m still immersed in figures for our company’s year-end and they’re driving me round the bend plus we’re missing a bill or two and I’m searching through stacks of papers trying to find them. This should teach me to do the books each month. I have an excuse last year as I was away but every year I do the books in one marathon. This year, I swear I’ll mend my ways.

Health-wise I’m mending although I received an email from my ICBC adjuster and the young man in the accident is fine but he’s accepting no responsibility for the accident. An engineer is looking into the matter and I’m not sure what that means. I’m at a loss at what to do. There were two people in my car and one in his. Mike told me he has drawn a storyboard of the account. (A storyboard is like a roll of film. Each square marks one move and is a play by play of a scene.) He was the only one not driving and so had a clear view of what happened. I’m hoping this helps.

I should be finished the accounting and orders for store by this weekend. Next week I should be back on line. I miss my daily musing.

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