While Others Sleep

Posted on 24 February 2004

I was up at 3:40 a.m. How delicious. I love the long uninterrupted hours. I had time to answer emails. I had time – a miracle – to sort out all my bills from France and insert them into excel so I now know what I spent last summer. I sent all via email to our accountant. I’m feeling lighter.

Today I will try to sort out and finish store orders – a dream, I know but I intend to be finished by the end of the week and move on to my writing. Hallelujah.

And Rob is finished working for a while. He’s so happy. When Marlene called yesterday, he told her he was writing. (She said she could have kicked him.) She struggles to find time to write amid her course preparation and teaching. I try to find time to write amid the store and account crap. And Rob sits down and does it. He said ideas have been brewing too long. He’s also taken over the kitchen. I love not having to worry about meals. Not that I worried. If Gill didn’t cook, I usually didn’t eat.

He called me “eccentric” last night. I wonder why. (I thanked him. Oh, “times they are a changing.”)

Mid-morning I visit the dentist. It’s difficult to sustain a good mood in this crazy world.

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