Posted on 26 February 2004

Today I am restless. Woke too late and had a meeting with Walter re store. It is taking too much time and I do not love it enough to give it what it needs. I know it is only a woman’s fashion store but it was also Leslie’s life and dream. She was a sensualist. She loved the feel of fine fabrics and the look of vivid true colour. I am mimicking her in a way. But Walter speaks of getting rid of the high end stuff. I think the store would become ordinary and lose its boutique quality. I don’t have the time or energy to fight him. I handed him some ideas but he’ll have to implement them.

I need to get back to my own life. If one has dreams of a retail business, I’d warn him or her that it’ll sap energy and not pay well.

Yesterday afternoon, I went with Marlene to hear Sheila Martineau (a writer who attended the French workshop) give a lecture called “Passionate Acts” about four women artists – Kate Collie, Lucie Lambert, Yukiko Onley, and Rina Pita. Sheila spoke at length about this project of hers that began with visiting art galleries and keeping an “art journal.” She discussed her passion and the passionate involvement of these four women who work and live in Vancouver. She found a key word to describe each one. For Collie, a painter, it was “complexity”; for Lambert, a print-maker/publisher “synchronicity”; for Onley, a photographer, “simplicity”; and for Pita, a multimedia print-maker, “ambiguity.” What remains with me today is the idea of time – to have a passionate involvement with art takes time – and a desire to do-it-right.

Afterwards, we ate at Green College with Sheila and the artists. When someone asked me about my own work, I followed Marlene’s lead, and pretended I was really truly a writer.

What I also found inspiring was that Sheila gave these women a more cohesive view of the passion they bring to their life and art.

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