I’m Wasted

Posted on 28 February 2004

Friday night. I’m wasted. Was supposed to finish work at 1 and go help my baby sister move. She told me that she has it all under control. Can do without me. Come tomorrow.

I worked till 6:30. Grrr… not fit company for any creature. Rob had the car. Took a bus home with three valises (my computer in one) and walked up the steep hill growling. Rob lost track of time in conversation with another sound person.

When he finally arrived, we heated up some stew, ate, talked, and he went to his computer and me to mine. Modern times.

I forgot to say. My dentist called yesterday and he wanted to see me this morning. I went. My dentist called me today and wants to see me tomorrow morning. I will go. All these verb tenses are getting on my nerves. I want to write a tale that happens in the present. Not the past and future. I must be wasted. Missed a Jungian lecture tonight because I thought I’d be helping my sister. Not.

Today, some friends of friends were to be arriving in our French house. I wish I was there.

Margaret, my cousin in Northern Ireland sent me an email saying they’d be enjoying an hooley with my namesake aunt soon. I had to ask, after living in Northern Ireland a year, what a “hooley” is. She responded “A ‘hooley’ is dancing and singing and having a good time.”

Auch I’d love to have a hooley with Barbara and Eddie. They loved drinking and dancing and laughing.

I wish I could fly over for their 40th anniversary. But I can’t. Too much money. Too much work to do.

I’m wasted. Think of Kate. How is she and Brian doing on North American soil? If money were no object, I’d fly to Toronto and see her and him. But it is, it is. Think I’ll go to bed.

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