Posted on 13 August 2004

I am so pleased. I awoke at 4:30 this morning and have time to think, to blog. Today is the last full day of session. Tomorrow is a half day. I am a little tired. If someone asked me what I have been doing, I’d say “I don’t know. Writing. Looking after people” and still wonder where the time goes.

Yesterday, I set the alarm for 5, responded to emails re second session, boiled some eggs for the breakfast that is served every morning here, left the rest of preparation to Bett and went for coffee in the village square and read the articles on autobiography to be discussed this day, went to Mayor’s office at 9 for photocopies, returned to write.

For the last few days, we have begun the morning in silence as we did last year. This feels a little strange as the writers arrive, pour themselves coffee, and sit and eat without saying a word. But it allows us to move into ourselves and it’s easier to write. At 9:30, I light a candle, Marlene starts the music – the proprioceptic way – and we begin writing from a Rilke’s poem “You See I Want A Lot” that Marlene has left on each seat.

I copied out the first verse: “You see, I want a lot./Perhaps I want everything:/the darkness that comes with every infinite fall/and the shivering blaze of every step up.” And then began by saying that sometimes my list of wants depresses me, and though I am blessed in material ways, I want to be “unconflicted, serene, but would this make a happy carrot? I suppose, in a way, I am happy with the darkness I walk into, the tears that fall, the lumps in my throat, and the aches in my gut, and the thoughts in my brain that go round and round tormenting me until I slow my breathing and write it out.” I end on a cheeky note. “Another voice gets me in trouble sometimes but how I love it. The sassy, moaning-groaning, racuous cowgirl voice that ain’t afraid of them there ‘course roots in the earth.’” (Mary Oliver) I read my musings as does everyone. A discussion of autobiography follows.

At noon, Bett and I drove to Cahuzac for food for dinner and fresh fruit for tomorrow’s breakfast. Afternoon session began at 1:45. Marlene begins with another Mary Oliver poem and Ursula leads us through a meditation and movement exercise that in turn moves me to write about dance. But I find myself every afternoon struggling to write. I am definitely a morning person.

Immediately after, I left with Ramona and Marian for the Caves de Tecou, a local winery, where we sampled and bought some wine for the reading get-together.

After a quick drive through the country, we returned in time, to collect some cheese and head to the Light house for the readings at 5:30. It surprises me that only Bett, Ursula, and I read our own stuff. The other writers read favourite or memorable passages from other writers.

We return home for dinner. Marlene has feeling a bit off all day and lies down. (Today, she is feeling better or so far so good. I have my fingers crossed.) I begin the salad and Ursula takes over, placing onions, cucumber, tomatoes, eggs, and ham in her artful way into a large salad bowl. We call Marlene and Bett and sit with this and bread, and finish with apple tartlettes.

Bett and Marlene do the dishes. And though the village fete begins at 10 this evening, all of us are too tired to wander over to the Esplanade for even one dance. Perhaps tomorrow, we will go after the group dinner when the Chipendales (I kid you not) are performing.

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