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Posted on 21 August 2004

There are not enough hours in my day. This second session – body/soul writing – leaves me little time for private writing like this blog as I am also doing the administration work. I love both. What can I tell you in just a few words as we start early today in the new hotel in a glorious old room with large terra cotta tiles, high ceiling, windows that open to the La Place, and Bett and I will soon have to lay out a breakfast of hardboiled eggs, yoghurt, croissants, juice, fruit, and good Italian coffee with steamed milk for all? In just a few days – 2 1/2 – the ten writers plus Marlene and Ursula have grown quite close though we are a hodgepodge of personalities and ages. The writing and movement are responsible and perhaps, Tuesday evening worked some magic.

That night in the town square, we gathered for dinner at the new hotel. The chef gave us a choice of salmon or lamb – both unbelievably good – and as we sat eating our salads, then main course, and of course drinking the local vintage, by chance, a group of musicians began playing across from us. The town folk gathered around the periphery listening. The music was wonderfully lively and oh so French, and Patricia, with her wild Latin blood, finally could stand it no longer and pulled me into the central area to dance. Soon more and more of the writers joined us including Dorianne and Natalie – both ballet dancers – who linked hands with two young village girls. Within moments, we had all linked hands and were dancing in a long stream around and around, circling and recircling, dipping under a set of arms, then another, again and again, until we were delirious with happiness (including the two little girls.)

At some point, we returned to our table for dessert, and when finished and while waiting for the table to clear, I asked the owner, the chef’s wife, if I might climb on the table and dance. “Bien sur”. But there were two wilder women than me at our table (can you believe it?) and Dahlia and Anna climbed on before the table was clear (which the owner and a waitress raced to do when they saw what was happening) and so, I climbed up and we did a dance of three. I have no idea what we looked like but I felt like one of the three Graces. And my beautiful daughter arrived at this moment and gave me a big grin.

As table tops are slightly confining, we returned to the centre and danced and danced until the rain began to pour, and then Dorianne and Natalie – high on either happiness or wine (perhaps both) continued in the rain – an improvised ballet. Dorianne was doing pose turns around and around the well while Natalie gracefully leaped and moved like some water goddess.

The evening was extraordinary and the writers thanked me as if I were responsible for more than just the reservation.

I must run now but have a bit of news. I am on a cloud. Although seventeenth on the waiting list for the Marion Woodman bodysoul workshop in England at the end of the September, I have been offered a space and have gratefully accepted. (There’s no stopping me now.) And while I was riding high on happiness, Marlene had a call (I would imagine from the Marion Woodman Foundation) and she and Ursula were asked if they would assist Marion in a workshop in the spring. They too accepted.

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