Tempus Fuit

Posted on 25 August 2004

“Tempus Fuit” A small sign over a gate at Monestieres where the most extraordinary Mise au Tombeau resides.

I have just left my friend Susan’s 77th birthday party to post a Happy Birthday to my son Brendan who is 26 today. Happy Birthday dear Brendan. Time really does fly. I hope your day is happy and at least one surprise, real surprise, comes your way.

What words can I send that have meaning for you, man of few words, who thinks hard. Rilke. You said you liked this poem.

“You see, I want a lot./ Perhaps I want everything:/ the darkness that comes with every infinite fall/ and the shivering blaze of every step up.”

I have too much emotion these days. I post my love and respect.

End of workshop. Gill leaves in a day.

Hopefully, will fill in more details in the next few days but didn’t want to forget Brendan.

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