A big bear

Posted on 21 October 2004

I feel as if I have moved to the wild west. A bear stopped by my little house in the garden yesterday, breaking the fence between our neighbour’s yard and ours. The retired woman next door bakes chocolate cake for the neighbourhood racoons who have taken up residence in the back part of our basement – unusable as it has an earth floor but is linked to the usable part by a wooden door. Some restless animals, probably small, probably squirrels, have moved into our attic space.

Add to the animal activity, a moss-covered roof that leaks in two spots, a back garden that looks like a garbage dump, a front and back garden that have been taken over by laurels and blackberry vines, and you’ll understand why I’m overwhelmed to be home. (And I haven’t even mentioned all the things that need tending indoors.)

My cold has nearly disappeared and now that I only sniff and cough occasionally I see its wisdom. I have done only what is necessary since the BodySoul intensive – a few days of working in the store, a few chores – indoors and out – to do with daily living, and a lot of thinking about how I want to direct my limited energy. No big revelations so far but I do like this easier pace.

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