Fairytale III

Posted on 24 October 2004

Vaughan and I were the sole soul writers today at “The Grind” – strange I never thought about the name of the cafe where we meet. We had some delicious writerly conversation and wrote for one hour straight. I continued with my fairytale.

As a reminder, I ended with the young couple and their two daughters moving to a new land where the fair-haired princess was dreaming of castles, brightly coloured silks and satins, and flying carpets.

Part 111

And so the young princess grew up far from her magical home without her beautiful raven-haired mother who, true to her name, had been vivacious, and loved poetry and soft lilting voices.

There is no denying that her pretend parents were good people but her blond-haired mother, Pretencia was much more rigid, less indulgent to her children than Vivacia would have been, for Pretencia – a true Irish woman – believed in the old maxim that children should be seen and not heard.

Although Barbara on occasion, like her real mother, would be caught by some inexplicable joy and remove her clothes and dance in the garden, Pretencia was so shocked that she slapped her young daughter’s wrists – she thought of her now as her own – and told the young princess in no uncertain terms that such behavior was wanton and unacceptable for the child of god-fearing parents, especially now that her husband, Rigidard (much to her pride – and she was prideful) had landed a job with a respected international firm. She had delighted writing home about this success and wrote further about her husband’s plan to buy an rectangular box called a bungalow and a chariot called a Chevrolet.)

Before long, Barbara learned to curb her joyous outbursts and by the time she started school, all desire to remove her clothes and dance was gone. She was so docile and well-mannered in fact that her teachers, although they liked her pliability, found her a little too quiet.

Throughout her single digit years, the princess practised obedience because she thought if she was really really good, her real parents would send for her. Only in her dreams did she come alive.

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