Fairytale IV

Posted on 30 October 2004

I’m prograstinating so thought I’d give you another excerpt of my fairy tale. I ended Part 111 with: “Only in her dreams did she come alive.”

Part 1V

This is not quite true. Barbara’s spirit did not show itself often and was definitely tucked below the surface when she was in the house of Pretencia and Ridgard, but outside, in the great outdoors she chose males to be her companions for she loved to run, to climb trees, to hit balls with bats. All went well until the princess began to develop small globes on her chest. Pretencia seeing her second daughter (who she now forgot wasn’t hers) turning into a young woman, told her that bats and balls were highly suggestive equipment and it was high time that Barbara lend a helping hand in the kitchen and parlour. “What would people think of her, Pretencia, raising such a boyish girl?”

And Barbara, caught in a rare defiant mood, whispered that she didn’t give a damn what people thought. Pretencia heard and sent her to her room without dinner.

The princess grew grimmer and grimmer without physical release until her pretend mother, sick of her moping, suggested that she take dance classes. (Pretencia had another reason. A neighbour had bragged to her that her child was well on her way to becoming a prima ballerina and Pretencia wanted to take the smug smile off her face and better her.) Barbara, aware of Pretencia’s reasons though beside herself with excitement, pretended reluctance as she was afraid that Pretencia would withdraw her offer if she appeared too eager. Finally when Pretencia yelled “You’ll do what I say young lady,” Barbara agreed.

And so she began to dance twice a week in an enchanted hall with bars around two walls and a huge mirror at one end. Barbara took to dance as if she’d been born to twirl round rooms on her toes, not knowing that Vivacia had also studied dance and that her great grandmother was a classical Persian dancer of great renown who had performed in royal halls.

When Barbara’s dancing teacher told Pretencia that her daughter was a natural dancer, she grinned and ran to tell her neighbour. Much to Pretencia’s glee, Barbara danced her way through her teens, winning many prizes, until her high school days were over and it was time to bid her pretend parents farewell and move to the big city to find her future.

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