Fairytale V

Posted on 31 October 2004

Part V

Barbara, at first, was lost in the big bad city and her gay spirit (used here in the old way before homosexuals stole the happy word) was sometimes sore afraid, as she did not know what to do with her new freedom. far from Pretencia and her iron rule.

She loved her anonymity, the energy of the city, the colourful markets, the multiple theatres, the colossal libraries, the intimate cafes, where often she would meet a classmate or two who found her rather quaint and old-fashioned – for Barbara had enrolled in a college to improve her mind. One classmate, male, told her years later that the men in class would talk about her as if she were a princess and hence untouchable and Barbara never told him how close he was to the truth.

After several months, one male dared to ask her to dinner. Alas the man was poor, owned no finery, and could impress Barbara in no pretentious way – much to her delight – and so took her to a humble place for a humble meal. Prince Hairy, true to his name as so many are in this fairy tale, left an impression. He was so much nicer than Fred Astairia who Barbara had been dating for several years. After she left him in her childhood town, she realized that it was only his feet that moved her to tears. The rest of his body, though not static, did not excite her. (The princess would be surprised to hear that Fred Astairia resembled King Monogamy not only in appearance – or as he had looked in his younger days – but also in temperament.)

Prince Hairy, who had no idea he was a prince and called himself simply “Hairy” was kind and gentle and the best listener Barbara had ever met. Before long, she found herself telling him about her childhood dreams and fantasies, and when she told him that her parents weren’t really her parents, that she was the daughter of a raven-haired queen and an Irish poet, much to her relief, Hairy didn’t laugh. He praised her imagination and Barbara knowing that her story sounded a little far-fetched accepted this interpretation and liked him all the more. Hairy had other virtues but the princess being shy and silenced by her god-fearing pretend parents too long, would not elaborate on Hairy’s charms but they must have been considerable because before the year was out, Barbara agreed to marry him.

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