Slept in

Posted on 28 November 2004

It’s Sunday morning and I slept in so do not have much time this frosty morning. The weather gets colder and colder

and I’m liking it well enough except for the rain that dampens my spirit and makes it hard for me to work in the yard.

I’m taking a leaf from Helen Luke and doing a little gardening each day when the weather is dry. Our yard, as we were away for three months, has been taken over by prickly blackberry bushes – front and back disasterously. They’re enormously long and impossible to touch so I use clippers and slowly cut them down and put the untouchable into garden bags as I go. I like this slow approach. I told Mike the other night that each represents a burden on my soul and as I clear them up, I become lighter and less prickly. (It’s worth a try.)

Yesterday, I met with my plums and read and wrote a little more on Shitty. It is hard going at the moment. As it is a blend of fact and fiction, I find myself reliving scenes and emotions that I’d forgotten I’d had. Often I feel it’s a huge waste of time but my plums reinforce me, telling me that they want more. Thank the heavens and the earth for these three friends/writers. I think we have something precious. We have all become better writers because of each other. I’m hoping that one night in the new year that we will do a public reading although I haven’t mentioned this lately to the group.

I just received an email from my mother who says that my dad may have to have a knee replacement operation before Christmas and so they may not be here for the holidays. My dad has not been able to move well for months, can’t drive, can’t walk and he loves to walk so has been driving my mother mad. For both their sanity, I hope the operation is soon. He will be 83 on Christmas eve.

Christmas. I want it to be simple, lovely. My daughter returns to me, to us, on the 15th of December. I can hardly wait.

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