Posted on 23 December 2004

It’s been a week since I’ve written and I haven’t much time now. I’m off to see my mum and dad soon.

I’ve put my writing aside as there simply isn’t time during this festive season. So much activity. Rob and I have feasted with family and friends, Gill and I spent several delicious days in Seattle sightseeing (to be honest, shopping and playing) alone and together and now I’ve joined the mulititude of crazed shoppers picking up last minute gift items.

My time in my little house is spent wrapping and writing Christmas messages and answering correspondence. I had hoped to have the time to write a Christmasy good cheer blog but it looks like I will be writing an overview after the 25th.

I keep telling myself that I love this tree- poinsetta-light- gift season but I wish it wasn’t approaching so quickly. Tomorrow night is Christmas eve and my father’s 82nd birthday. I will breathe a little easier when the shops close. Till then, I’m on the run.

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