Posted on 26 December 2004

Yet another Christmas Day has come and gone. This year there was six of us – Rob, Bren, Mike, Gill, and me – plus Mackenzie (Mike’s love). We spent a quiet Christmas day and evening. The day slipped by, opening presents, preparing breakfast and then turkey and cranberries, phoning family and friends, a short visit from Helen, watching “A Christmas Carol” snuggled up on the couch with Rob.

I thought we were going to be modest in gift-giving but Rob was extravagant. He gave Gill, Bren, and me digital cameras. And me, a note saying that a box of books are on their way. Bren gave me a little electron card that allows me to store 200 photos in my new camera. Mke gave me a box of art postcards. Gill gave me two pairs of slippers, both red, one elegant, one fuzzy; and a wooden jewelery box that she decorated and a booklet of love messages. I do feel loved.

I used to humbug the materialism of Christmas but this year, I think it fine. It’s the one day of the year that nearly everyone extends themselves to try and please those closest and dearest to them. Some fly huge distances or make long distant phone calls. We all push ourselves – believers and nonbelievers of the religious content – whether out of duty or not – simply because it’s Christmas. Why not?

Today is Boxing Day and my mother’s 76th birthday. I have spent some hours designing a card for her and will drive over to my sister Bev’s soon to give it to her. Tomorrow my sister Gael and family arrive. I will drive over again to be with them and celebrate Gael’s birthday (belatedly – she turned fifty on the 23rd.)

I looked up Boxing Day on the internet and though its origins are vague and may have begun in the Middle Ages, the British, under Queen Victoria, made it a holiday, originally for servants who were required to work Christmas Day. Before the help left the next day to be with their families, their masters and mistresses gave them gifts in boxes. The 26th was also the day that priests opened alms boxes and distributed the offerings to the poor.

Yesterday, Bren noted that Future Shop is opening at 6 am with great bargains for its customers. I imagine that this retail outlet will do extremely well today. LeslieJane is closed and although I am happy that I have another day to do as I please, I’m hoping that there will be enough customers who will venture out tomorrow for the one-day sale (that Walter didn’t advertise.)

Ah well, the new year is fast approaching. Another year to make good.

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