Hawaiin Feast at Bev’s

Posted on 29 December 2004

Hawaiin Feast at Bev’s
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I somehow managed to capture my whole family in this picture taken at Bev’s on the 27th. We were celebrating Gael’s 50th birthday. She had just arrived with Larry, Amie, and Mark from the cold wintery city of Toronto. Double Dave catered – a luxury but we were all sick of cooking, especially Bev who has had Mum and Dad in her house for weeks and now has four more.

This last week has been one celebration after another. Every night I have met with family and friends and though I love them all, I need a little time to digest this whirlwind of activity that has left me little time for contemplation and no time for writing. (Thank goodness Gill and I escaped to Seattle for time alone otherwise we would have had no concentrated time together.)

The night after Gael’s party, the night of a full moon, I could hardly sleep. I think I had around three hours and so, after seeing that I could not return to dreamland, I rose and went to the store at six in the morning and rearranged all for the big winter sale that began that day. I managed to catch a hour sleep in the afternoon and then did some much needed cleaning and prepared escalloped potatoes for my reading group in the evening.
This evening my sister Gael and her family are coming over. We’ve decided we will eat out and then watch a movie.

As my whole family are going to Whistler to celebrate the new year (and I’ve decided not to go), this is the only night that we can get together and I do want to spend some time with this sister. She looks good but smaller, more vulnerable, after her bout with cancer this past year. She says that she is looking forward to 2005, wants this year over with – it’s been too difficult. We spoke briefly of changing one’s ways, one’s life. You would think it would be easy after the scare Gael had this year but she says it isn’t, she would have to rid herself of family and as she loves them, she can’t.

I do not wholly understand. What would I change if I had suffered as she has, as my friend Clare, as my friend Leslie? I don’t know. I shall write about it. (Oh dear, this is the difficult part of this season. I have had little time or inclination to write. I might try to continue with my fairytale today.)

Tomorrow I shall take a little time and think about small ways in which I can change some aspects of my life in this fast approaching new year. On January first, I meet with my Plums to write. We thought it might get us on tract for 2005.

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