Memories of Kate

Posted on 06 June 2005

With Kate in Germany
Originally uploaded by Barbara Y.

Last week, at this time, (was it only a week ago? No, it was two weeks) I was preparing to leave Vancouver and fly to Frankfurt.

I keep thinking back on the few days I spent with Kate and her family. Here’s Kate, Brian, and me on a bridge in downtown Frankfurt. It was a glorious day and Kate and I stole away to eat bratwursts (?) and talk.
I wish I’d been less jetlagged and more awake for my visit. Still, it was lovely and now, when I think of this feisty friend, I can imagine her in her grand apartment in Langen, sitting at her computer in her office, composing; or rewinding and playing one of Brian’s DVDs at his command. I wonder if “Bob the Builder” or “Thomas” are still keeping his attention.

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