Posted on 04 July 2005

I shall write quick entries for the week as the BodySoul writing workshop is now underway. Last night Gill prepared and served the welcome feast – fresh pate, olives, and saucisse for starters, green summer salad, turkey cacchatori(?), rice, green beans, fresh fruit, cheese, and chocolate.

Ten women sat around the table (one had to cancel due to a leg injury) that Gill had set with our fine French damask tablecloth in sunflower gold (with sunflowers and daisies in vases), and cloth napkins folded like lotuses, eating, drinking wine (though water seemed the preferred libation) and talking, followed by a welcome from Marlene with course details and a few words from Ursula. I talked briefly about the town and day-to-day details.

And so we begin our second year of body/soul, our third year in France. Though the last few days have been hectic with pickups in Gaillac not happening as smoothly as former years due to late flights and missed trains, and minor house problems, I think all is in order now and I can breathe easy. Gill, who spends most of time in the kitchen, is surprised at how long it takes to make, serve, and cleanup after a meal – though she is doing an extraordinary job – her presentation tres chic. (Susan said when I arrived that my daughter is a much better cook than me. “And so is your husband.” I love it when she is so blunt. (And now I have every excuse to stay out of the kitchen.)

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