The Children Have Left

Posted on 02 November 2005


I left Brendan at the airport last night. He is on his way to London to visit a friend for a week, then Paris to visit his sister, and then down to Castelnau de Montmiral. I’m in the grip of memories. Below is a picture of my children’s first visit to Paris. I recall seeing the war museum (the boy’s choice) and the Eiffel Tower. I wouldn’t let Gill go to the top with her brothers.

In Paris

After Paris, we went to Northern Ireland and met my parents and dozens of cousins and aunts and uncles. I don’t remember what castle we’re being photographed in front of. This was fifteen years ago. Rob and I travelled with all our children since they were babies. Is it any wonder that they love to roam?

In Northern Ireland

Strange with Brendan gone, Rob and I are alone. It’s been just over twenty-seven years since we were only a couple though, unlike some who rush into parenthood, we had eight years as two before we decided to have children.

On November 29, I will fly to Paris to visit my baby. A week later, Rob will fly to France. We’ll meet up with Bren in the south but for the first time ever, we will travel back to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Paris.

After two markets, I am obsessed with buying clothes for spring – the colours and styles that all will covet and buy and hence the store will make thousands. Dream on… I am not that cocky (lovely word) but it doesn’t hurt to try.

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