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Posted on 08 June 2006

she’s here!
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I love this young woman. (When I look at her, I see her father’s lush lips.) I spent a few days in Paris with my daughter. What more could I ask for? My favourite girl/woman and my favourite city. She met me at the airport – bright smile, big hug – and helped me with my bags to the train, to my hotel. No mishaps. Sigh of relief. I left my belongings in the small, oh so French, parrot in the lobby, hotel and we caught the metro to Palais Toyko for dinner… amazing that I still had energy after my flights but by the end of our fish feast and a shared bottle of wine, I was too exhausted to explore the “flesh” exhibit and Gill led me back to the door of my inn.

Next day, we met and went to a street market. I’d forgotten how lush these markets are – stand after stand of exotic and domestic fruits and vegies (we bought white asparagus and artichokes), spices, cheeses, sea food… the only thing that made me avert my eyes was a lovely wicket basket filled with pigs’ ears. We bought lunch and dinner, dropped for the latter in her fridge and strolled to a nearby park for lunch. I wanted to dance on the grass and yell out “Marlene, I’m in Paris.”

Later that evening, we carried bags of food and wine on the metro to Ari’s, a friend of Gill, where Gill prepared the meal for us and another young woman, Assia – a bubbly beauty who tells us she had bought her “dream dress” at a morning market. She pulls it out of its bag – a frothy, shiny, strapless, pink confection with bubble hem. She puts it on, twirls, and can’t stop smiling. She tells us she is going to wear it everywhere. I imagine her wearing it to the most inappropriate places and smile too – oh how did I get so old… we sit in the garden/patio with rockery wall, rose bushes (two are in full bloom) and dine by candle light. Of course, the fish, the asparagus, mayonaise dip, artichokes are delicious as is the peach cobbler and ice-cream that Ari served.

The next day, Gill and I decided to hit the big department stores but oh so many people and so much stuff that we tired fast, found a bookstore, bought some light reading and headed to the Tuileries (I love the name – reminds me of tutus and ballet dancers) where we sat in a cafe in the park and read for a hour or so. (One of my favourite doings, especially as Gill sat across from me.) Later that evening, I went to Gill’s apartment where she fed me again and we sat talking, talking… and then said goodnight, goodbye for a time. It could well be several months before we see each other again. How strange to be leaving for the south without her who has always been my travelling companion. I will miss her.

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