A guest in my own home

Posted on 30 June 2006

Today I took my coffee out to the Esplanade as the sun was rising – a perfect red circle of light. Does this mean it will storm later? “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning.” But it is not the sky that is red and although early, I can already feel the warmth. I am happy that I am moving into our house today to begin a month of solitude. This is not to say that I was miserable at Susan and David’s. Okay, I was but not because of them but because of my cold. I liked sleeping in the curtained alcove and waking to the sound of David’s cello. It strikes me that I can learn something from him about discipline (already suggested to me by Vaughan.)

Last night I was invited to dinner at my/our house by Shannon and Jim. The place looked lovely, the table sat with placemats and cloth napkins, a basket of bread, a small dish of olives, a plate of cheeses. Jim had prepared eggplant parmesan and it was delicious. They enjoyed the house, they said. The shallow kitchen sink was not a bother but they agreed with Rob that a balcony overlooking the valley would have made their stay idyllic. When will this happen, I wonder. Lewis has already called Rob with plans that feature a deck and the living space will be arranged to emphasis the architecture and use wasted space… all his suggestions sounded wonderful when he walked me round the house but now, I fear the cost.

I settled into the house this afternoon, did laundry, went to LeClerc, picked up a new printer, thinking installation would be a snap. No such luck. I had to email Brendan and then talk to him through ichat. Two hours later, the printer works. Is nothing simple? I realized also in talking to him that this month will be the first expanse of time I’ve had alone since I had children. I am looking forward to it. I fear it. But I want, need, this time. The sweat is pouring off my brow. I am wondering if this summer will match the one we had three years during the first writing workshop.

That’s it for now. I shall climb into clean sheets and read.

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