Sweet Plum

Posted on 19 July 2006

happy birthday sweet plum

Writer in the Kitchen

today I went to Toulouse for you* read rilke on the train only remembering halfway there that you love nature* so I put my book down and looked out the window and admired the trees… for you* when I arrived, I stopped in at a Brioche Dore and ate a abricot croissant (calories be damned: it’s your birthday)* and proceeded to my favourite shoe store, Arche, that carries the most comfortable shoes in the world but alas I couldn’t find any that suited me, let alone you* I stopped in at Habitat (similar to Ikea only better) and bought a little milk jug on sale for 92 euro cents so I will have one when you decide to visit* and on to Gallerie Lafayette where I selfishly bought a rolling knap-sac for me* I ate a healthy lunch at Tarte Julie and thought of you reciting “The Journey” by heart* at the end of the day, I went to an English bookstore and bought the new Sebastian Faulks that I will give you when I see you though I might read it beforehand* and so your birth day went* and the lovely thing about it is though my day is gone, yours is just beginning

happy birthday my friend* hope it is joyous* and the beginning of a wonderful year

Gill sends her love too

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