En route again

Posted on 18 September 2006

Today I’m catching my breath, packing my suitcase once again, and this evening, flying to France. It’s been a crazy few days here in Toronto, visiting my family who don’t live close enough to each other for casual drop-ins. So I’ve been on the run…
on highways, cities streets, and country roads, in cars and trucks and subway trains.

I was going to copy out a play by play of my going-ons from my journal but I think it would bore you and I’m still digesting those moments with family that call forth so many emotions and memories. (I will do this in France. By tomorrow evening, I will be tucked into my bed in our ancient village. Hopefully there I will dream and remember my dreams… )

At the moment, I am overwhelmed by my family – they have been so fantastic to me that I want to hug them again and write all sorts of mushy things about each and every one of them and sing their praises to the heavens – but again it would bore you so I won’t. I have seen my mother and father, my middle son and his love (and met her father), my sister Gael, her husband, and daughters – who win the gold medal for their generosity, my Alice-in-Wonderland daughter and her room-mates, my older sister, Stephanie and her husband , my brother and his daughter (who drove over 1 1/2 hours each way to my parents to surprise me) and my preacher uncle, Jim.

So many personalities, so many conversations… is it any wonder that I’m overwhelmed… on the first dreary rainy day since I arrived?

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