Northern Ireland

Posted on 11 April 2007

Auntie Isobel’s Children
Originally uploaded by Barbara Y.

Just a brief note to say that I’m in Northern Ireland with my large Irish family who are more than welcoming.

Kenneth, the fellow to the left, is like a brother. (He teases horribly and yet listens to my problems and takes me anywhere I want to go.) We have been driving around the last few days dropping in on our relatives. I’ve drunk more tea and eaten more oatmeal biscuits in the last few days than I’ve done in several years.

Ken lives a short distance from my grandparents old farm – now a derelict building – where my mother spent her childhood. I imagine sometimes that I am walking on the ground that she walked on, that I am seeing scenes that she once eyed. Except for one brother, all her family still live in the neighbourhood and so I wonder what I would be like if my parents hadn’t emigrated. Most of my cousins live a short distance from their parents’ home. Some even live next door.

How would my life be different if I was surrounded by family? Perhaps not all – Ken tells me that he’s probably seen more of me in the last five years than he has any other cousin.

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