Celebrating Bedding

Posted on 05 May 2007

Bedding is Seventy

The Birthday Party

David and Ruth making music in our kitchen

Ruth sings love song

Bedding's Birthday Card

On Thursday evening, family and friends celebrated Bedding’s 70th birthday. She is as astonished as the rest of us that she is that age. We had a quiet evening of music and poetry, food and wine, to honour this woman who is one of the kindest, most loving and generous women I know.

She has an amazing aesthetic. Her home is beautiful. So is her garden. She paints, photographs, bakes, plays music. When I listed her talents on a birthday card, she said “I am not this woman.” She is. And always, always when she helps me – whether she drives me to town, lends me a bedroom, repairs a table or window, wires a lamp – she says “It is nothing.”

She is really something. So I brought her Irish linen napkins from Ireland, took her to lunch, and gave a party complete with balloons and candles. She smiles and says “This is my best birthday ever.” It is impossible not to love her.

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