Parental Control

Posted on 01 July 2007

I’ve spent the last week with my parents though my mother took off to Seattle with my sister for three days and though she’s 78, walks with a cane, seems quite frail at times, she’s a dirvish in a shopping or outlet mall. My mother loves clothes so much, she remembers every event by what she wore. She can truly shop till she drops – can outdo any of her daughters. My sister said that after a 7 hour marathon, Mum looked great: the exercise is good for her. Her doctor should prescribe shopping for health reasons.

My Dad and I are both restless spirits which makes it more difficult for me to get on with my writing and art projects, as I know he wants adventure so every day this past week, I’ve left time to take him somewhere. He is touching my heart. Several times a day he wraps his arms around me and tells me that he loves me. I don’t remember him doing this when I was a child but I do remember the times he would recite little poems to his children at bedtime. Whatever my mother and father did or did not do, they created a family where love abounds. If one of us is in trouble, all the others are there for him or her.

Case-in-point: my sister who was locked out of her house. The drama continues. The man called her, said they must meet, and then played “I’m still in love with you.” Why can’t I help gagging? She agrees to meet him. He arrives with roses. He wants her signature. He doesn’t get it. In my opinion, he is a manipulator. Reminds me of Pam Houston’s “Cowboys are my Weakness.” Houston was at some speaking engagement and asked the audience if they had any questions. A feminist rose and ask why Houston always puts strong women with weak men and then has the women make fools of themselves. Do you know any strong women in the real world who would behave in such a way, the questioner asked. Houston said the question did not deserve an answer.

Speaking of strong women, I met Marlene at Granville Island yesterday morning. She is back from Zurich. She, like all my best friends – and there is only a handful – does not indulge in small talk. She is blunt and honest. And oh so loving. What is it about best friends that creates such trust? Saint Teresa comes to mind, who with her circle of close friends used an expression “Disillusion me with truth.” They trusted each other so much that if one unwittingly did something that the others knew that she herself would hate, they told her so she could catch herself. Marlene and I spoke of writing workshops in France and writing and chocolate and wine and all kinds of stuff that touches our hearts.

Kate, another of my best friends, left a joyful message on my answering machine. She has just won second prize in the Hertfordshire Writing Contest. Bravo, Kate. This young woman works hard at her writing and is becoming more and more successful. Nice to know that the deserving wins from time to time.

And today my man comes home from Toronto. I think he’s written off Toronto as a possible retirement place – better to keep our money and drop into this city from time to time. I dream of a nomadic lifestyle in which we can roam to unusual places and then return to France where my heart is most content.

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