A Breath of Fresh Air

Posted on 24 March 2008

I’ve come up for a breath of air. The two major projects I’ve been working on for months have been made public.

our house


Marlene Schiwy Website

And though I consister myself an excellent cleaning woman/house painter, I am less sure of my website abilities (though I did have help from both my sons) as Marlene’s website is the first one, I have attempted.

And, in the end, although my writing has been put aside, I see that I loved the work. If anyone asks me how I feel about what I have accomplished, I will most likely say that I am pleased but both projects are far from perfect. (Oh, that old addiction to perfection is hard to lose.) But in my heart of hearts, I feel that I have outdone myself. Both shine with the care and attention I’ve paid to detail. (Of course, I am speaking of appearances, especially in regards to the website as it was Marlene who provided the content and images.)

The first public Open House of our home was on Sunday, Easter Sunday, and though the real estate agent said that it was well attended and that there were three couples who were interested, there were very few cars on the street and even the mall down the road – except for several stores – was closed so we will have two more Opens this weeks (meanly I will have to be especially clean and tidy) and hopefully get some offers. I know I expect miracles – a quick sell – but I do so want to get to France and get back to my writing…

On Saturday, I will turn 59 years – my last year in my fifties. I hope it is a good one. I really really hope this…

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