Flowers and Cake

Posted on 15 July 2008

I have had an almost perfect couple of weeks since I last wrote here.

My Gill came home and we spent most of her precious week together. Her second day, we went to Victoria for the day as I had to see a printer about a book that I’ve just designed. The sales rep was very kind, showed me a selection of books that the company had printed so I could choose paper and cover stock (and I picked up some tips on layout too.) She also explained at length the formatting process and all the pertinent info I would need to get the material to her.

The proof should arrive today and although I did none of the writing, I feel as if it’s my creation though it isn’t – all the pictures, images, and words came from others.

On the way back to the ferry, Gill and I stopped to see my nephew, his love, and their new baby – Aliyah. The baby is lovely, peaceful, a gentle disposition – funny how one can tell that even at a week old – and I have never seen Thomas and Mariah (especially Mariah) so content. The few times that I’ve been around her, she has been serious, rarely smiled. This evening a smile never left her lips.

Mariah and Aliyah

My time with Gill flew. She cooked breakfast and dinner for Rob and I. We walked, shopped a little, had our nails done… can’t remember all we did but it was over too quickly. On the way to the airport we stopped at a medical clinic as her ears were bothering her, both of us  hoping that the doctor would advise against flying and we’d have a few more days. No such luck.

Later that day, I received a cake – not any old cake but a Diplomat from Notte’s Bon Ton – from Marlene and I proudly admit that over the next few days, I consumed over half of it myself. No wonder my belly is softly rounded. (“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” And though not really a sweet seeker or lover, I do love the rich butter cream filling of this cake.)
Later in the week, my eldest son took me out for a dinner and I experienced for the first time Cakebread – not a sweet – but a rich fruity cabinet sauvignon from the Napa Valley – a real treat and one I could not afford myself. ( I’m not whining – in a less than a week I will be in my beloved France and will just have to put up with Gaillac vintage.) This Cakebread wine is so elegant that the wine steward opened the bottle at the table and then carefully poured it into a decanter. 
Saturday morning, as I was heading out the door to help my sister pack for Europe (she was leaving that evening) Rob stopped me and told me that I looked beautiful. Strange. He so seldom compliments me that I had to look at myself in the mirror. Wish I could see what he saw.
I wrote the above yesterday morning and typed it here today, intending to continue but I think I’m coming down with something, feel very very tired, and so will nap instead. 

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