A Guilty Conscience Gets Me in Trouble

Posted on 25 February 2009

Rob arrived home Saturday. Hurrah. 

Sunday was the Academy Awards. We went to Helen’s for an Oscar party – our first really if you don’t count attending the Governor’s Ball in 1993. Helen and I decided no elaborate dishes that require knives and forks and so we bought olives and cheese, cold meats, bread and crackers, vegetables and fruit. Gill and a friend made fresh crab cakes with a mango topping. The rich desserts, in honour of the Oscars, were chocolate eclairs, made by a pastry chef friend of Helen’s and an apple, blueberry crisp by Marlene.
Rob and I were the first to arrive. While I helped Helen arrange platters, Rob pressed the button on the remote and began to watch stars walk the red carpet. Marlene, Steve, and Lael arrived soon after. In my best hostess voice, I asked them and Rob what they would like to drink and poured and served. Except I forgot Rob. 
This bugged me. How could I forget him of all people? We had only been re-united the day before… and so, as I watched the opening scenes of the show – pleasantly surprised at its entertainment value – I looked across the room at Rob and lambasted myself for forgetting him. Part way through the evening, thinking I must make it up to him in some way, I left the room, slipped into the kitchen, and back into the living room, behind him and began to massage his shoulders and stroke his hair. He turned around, looked up, and lo and behold the man I was touching wasn’t Rob. Everyone thought it a joke, including Rob, but I felt like an idiot. 
I can laugh now but I wasn’t laughing at the time.
The past week has been crazy busy. I did finish the accounting at around midnight Friday night and I was able to create a flyer and a menu, and keep the house clean for around half a dozen potential buyers… 
I paused here and thought of Shirley whose father is dying. She has been writing more than usual so I went to her blog to learn that her dad died yesterday. Again death startles me. Frightens me. It has been happening too often. 

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