Same mother, same father

Posted on 08 March 2009

I’ve spent the last five days with my sisters thanks to Gael who flew in from Ontario for a conference at the Empress in Victoria and shared her harbour view room with two of us before returning to the mainland and adding another sister to the equation. As our oldest sister couldn’t join us, I was the eldest but my giggly siblings did not treat me as if I were older and wiser, they just wanted to have fun and so we did in true Wetherall fashion – luxuriating at the fancy hotel, swimming morning and evening at the hotel’s health spa, shopping (buying little),  dining well, drinking too well one evening, and laughing – so much laughter. “How many lovers have you had,” asked one? “That many?” “No fair,” said another. (And being the oldest, I didn’t bother counting – too easy. I lie and love the incredulous looks they all give me.)
There were also moments of serious discussion, asking the other or others for advice on aging, children, and career.  Although we are different ages (I am 15 years older than my youngest sister) and are in different financial positions with differing tastes and desires, we are comfortable discussing most things with each other.  We accept that one sister will spend $10,000 on a fridge and another the same on a vacation. (One frets about the cost. The other doesn’t. For two of us, neither is an option or a priority though the discussion interests me.) 
It’s easy to see our differences. Our similarities, beyond looks, are less obvious and I need some time to reflect on this but there is something special about blood ties. What? I’m not sure but I trust them to love me, no matter what. As I love them. 
On Saturday evening, our last two together, Rob and a sister-in-law join us at the Red Door for a farewell feast.  

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