There’s Something about Mary

Posted on 23 March 2009

Last week, Rob and I welcomed Mary S-T into our home with the same generosity of spirit as Mary showed when she welcomed Gill into her home months ago. There’s something about Mary that is impossible not to love. Every time she appears in a room I want to hug her. And do. 

What is it about Mary that inspires warmth, trust, and laughter? What is it about her that calls forth my most mischievous self? Why do I feel comfortable spelling out her initials with fallen tulip petals? 
Mary is one of the most loving generous woman I’ve ever met. She walked into our house (with her equally gorgeous brother) laughing, embraced me as if we were old friends, and the entire evening was full of laughter and stories. As was the next day and the next. She didn’t even complain when we served her the same thing for dinner that we had for lunch. 
Mary is the wife of Patrick, Rob’s mentor who died last fall. Mary says their relationship was a 27 year romance. Understandably, she misses her crazy wonderful poetry-quoting man, especially the cuddles. She has her “Patrick moments” when the tears start to fall but still she feels his presence everywhere. 
There is something about Mary that is quite extraordinary. In just a few days, we befriended each other for life. I once again feel blessed. 

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