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Posted on 12 April 2009

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It is hard to believe that it has been 40 years since I met Rob, 30 years since I became a mother, and varying numbers of years since I struck up friendships with such strong women as Penelope right through to Kate and Marlene (and most recently, Mary.) Once when I was feeling particularly pathetic, my oldest son said “Just look at who your friends are. Do you think they’d stick by you if you were pathetic?”
 It’s hard to believe that I began this blog April 3rd, 2003, over a year before Gill began hers. 
So I have been a blogger for six years. I began originally when Gill and I were in Northern Ireland and I wanted family and friends back home to know what we were up to. In those early years, I often wrote every day. There have been times when I spilled my guts onto these pages and times when I haven’t been able to say anything – either because I have been too fearful or too bored with myself. Every time I’ve wanted to stop blogging, someone (usually Kate) says no and so I have continued though not as often.
So much has changed for Gill. She’s lived in Northern Ireland and Vancouver for her last two years of high school,  then Paris and Toronto for five years. Soon she will receive her BA. I only received mine when she was kicking inside my belly. 
I did try to enter the graduate program in Art History at UBC but the prof (a Frenchman) who I wanted to work with didn’t want me – “a West Vancouver housewife” – despite my A average. The director of the program told me to take more courses which I did until I flew off to France with my children for a year. 
France changed everything.
to be continued

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