Champagne Friend

Posted on 24 April 2009

Yesterday Helen and I dropped in at Maura’s home to wish her happy birthday. Her husband and daughter were there waiting for her. Maura has had no time to relax and enjoy her day. Her dining room table is set with sewing machine, patterns, and frothy tutus. Behind the table is an industrial clothing rack, lined with assorted dancing costumes. She is out doing costume fittings. 
When Maura returns, she tells us that she’ll celebrate her 60th in June when all the costumes are finished and the dances have been danced.
This woman accomplishes so much and all she does is beautiful, I think, as I look out the window and see her garden full to bursting with opening flowers in all the colours of the rainbow.
Her house is a mess. She has no time to clean the surface of things.  And although I could not live like this, I am envious. 

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