Posted on 22 June 2009

On Friday, returning from Albi I drove by a field of sunflowers with faces open to the sun – the first I’ve seen this year.
On Saturday, I flew to Vancouver via London into Rob’s arms. Later that evening, my amazing Gill came home to welcome me. 
I didn’t intend to come home until July 3rd but we had another offer on the house, a good offer, that included a personal letter. Gill just happened to drop in during the original viewing, and told the prospective buyers that she had been born into the house and showed them round telling the house’s history through memories of her childhood. In the buyer’s letter, he said that they found Gill’s stories “comforting and reassuring” as he and his wife want to raise their children in such a home. “As a writer myself, I fell in love with the ‘writer’s cabin’ and my wife, who is also an artist, loved the feeling of your house.” 
Yesterday, an official inspector came through our home, digging into every nook and cranny in order to alert the buyers of any potential problem. The couple and their real estate agent joined him.
On Tuesday, the buyers have to give us a yeah or nay. If it’s a yes, they want to move in July 11th and that’s why I flew home early. I hope that they are the people we’ve been waiting for. 

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