Posted on 19 March 2012

Ten days to my birthday. I will be in Toronto on my way to Port Hope to celebrate my day with my parents – the first time I’ve done this in years.

I wrote a note to a friend the other day in which I discussed my lack of writing. When did sitting down and filling a page with words become an agony and not a pleasure? I used to write a blog every other day and now I have to force myself to update it. I think part of the reason is that I don’t want to share my thoughts at the moment. I want some privacy to decide where I go from here in my life.

Meanwhile spring is arriving as you can see by the apple blossom that Rob picked the other day and put on our table. Yesterday the rain started and the Montmirallais say that it is a good thing. Unfortunately, I am unhappy as it is stopping me from painting the walls of the terrace. The terrace can wait. It is much more important that the good earth have a drink or the grape vines, sunflowers, and fruit trees will not have a good season.

After a few bitterly cold weeks this past winter – so cold that we have gone through much more oil than we usually do – many of Rob’s plants died. A few made it like my clematis which is sprouting little buds and will eventually climb the painted walls of our terrace.

We are getting ready for Gill’s wedding to John in early September. Funny how we are suddenly mindful of all the little jobs and some not so little ones, like restoring the facade of the house, that have to be done and are taking action. We are pushing ourselves to paint, replace broken shutters, build a wardrobe in the guest bedroom and all sorts of little tasks. We like the deadline of early September. We could of course leave all and it would not make a difference to the wedding but it’s sort of like cleaning oneself up and putting on nice clothes in honour of the occasion.

Rob is still having attacks of hives. Sounds like bees buzzing and stinging to me. Rob says that the Japanese call hives “the wind” because small patches of painful red bumps appear in a select area of his body and several hours later they are gone like the wind only to appear again sometime later on a different area. I think he’s been suffering from these unreasonable rashes for over seven weeks and the worst attacks come in the early hours of the morning so he isn’t getting a good night’s sleep. He is so fed up and is researching like crazy for a cure beyond the ones the many doctors have given him. Our bathroom counter is a mass of pills and creams. He’s found that ultra red saunas provide relief and he’s now thinking about acupuncture.

His sleeping habits have altered mine. I go to bed between 8 and 9 and arise as early as 3:30 or 4 am. I love these early morning hours when no one is stirring (only Rob sometimes) and I can accomplish many household chores like dishes or laundry at a discount. The price of electricity drops in France between 10 pm to 6 am.

I shall now get to work scrapping and sanding along the wall of the guest room where there is damage from water leaking from the entrance to the terrace above. Hopefully the addition of an eave and drain pipe will keep the rain away from the doorway.

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