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Posted on 09 February 2012

Sometimes, it is difficult to pause and think, to show and tell. I often hesitate to update my blog because it takes too much time to make it literary and interesting (at least, that is what I attempt to do.) At the moment, I’m just going to throw whatever out there. I am breathless.

I spent six glorious days in Paris, four of which involved searching for fall clothes at the Pret a Porter bi-annual show. Although it may sound like fun to one who loves to shop (that one is not me), it is exhausting. Over two hundred fashion houses create booths in a large two-floor building at the Portes de Versailles and I wander aisle after aisle trying to find something different and interesting for a West Vancouver boutique. I visit some labels that the store already carries and search through the new season’s tops and bottoms, dresses, and coats, and choose what I think will work for the store’s customers. I take pictures and fabric samples so the owner will have an easier time making the final decision. Happily this trip, Gillian and her friend Marisa joined me and helped with the photography and modeling.

The young women did most of the trying on and once in a while, I would try an item to see what it looked like on a mature figure. We had fun. In the evening, we went out for dinner and dined at modest places like the Cafe Philosophe and Le Polidor – two of my favourite restaurants in Paris. On Saturday, I flew south and Gill and Marisa flew west. (See Gill’s video “A Taste Of Paris.” When Marisa and she were not assisting me, they were filming food excerpts for Gill’s website.)

Once home, I spent a hectic week, making market notes, helping a friend move house, and organizing the rental house for the upcoming season. A week and a day later, I left for Vancouver. Or tried.

Rob, who still isn’t well, drove me to Gaillac to catch a train, to catch a plane to London to catch another to Vancouver. I arrived at the airport early. Snow was falling though not in any mad way so I was surprised that my flight was delayed. Several hours later, I found it was cancelled. In fact, all flights were cancelled. I stood in a long line to change my reservation. Over two hours later, I was booked into an airport hotel (at BA’s expense) and was to fly out early the next morning. To cut a long story short, after my morning flight was cancelled, I was rerouted to Gatwick and finally made it to Vancouver that evening, a day late.

Although my already short trip was shortened, there was a bonus. I met two extraordinary young men, Peter and Kalvin who own a chateau (I think they said 35 rooms last count) close to my village. We introduced ourselves at dinner at the hotel and ran into each other at the airport the next day. We ended up flying to Gatwick together and taking the same bus to Heathrow. By the time we said goodbye and exchanged email addresses, I felt as if they were old friends.

Time flies. Here I am in my old home town. Every minute of my day is filled with appointments although, I have had some fun with Helen and Clare, Michael and Mackenzie. Last night I made a presentation at the store and Moira returned to Helen’s with me. This afternoon, I will finally meet up with my sisters and then go to dinner at Kathy and Richard’s place where my niece and nephew-in-law and baby will join us.

Once again I find myself with too little time to visit all my friends. Next trip – most likely in June when a nephew will marry – I will stay longer.

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