On the road again

Posted on 18 February 2011

On the road again… and I am so very very tired.

Vancouver was wonderful and though hectic, Rob and I accomplished nearly all we set out to do. Except for a few odds and ends which we can complete from afar, there is little trace left of the more than three decades we lived in this beautiful city. The biggest job was clearing our locker and Rob did most of the work as most of the stuff was his. In the end, we shipped six boxes to France.

Now I’m pretty hard-nosed about getting rid of useless items even memorabilia but there were a few things that I just couldn’t part with like Brendan’s Curious George (his first gift) which makes no sense at all as I doubt he’ll want it and what will I do with it?

A group of women had a conversation at Helen’s about getting rid of stuff, specifically about getting rid of her parents stuff when they die. One woman could. Another couldn’t. And one wise woman said it doesn’t matter. Someday someone will be able to part with all that we hold dear.

The finale of our time in Vancouver was spent celebrating Helen’s 60th Birthday. I created a poetry anthology for her – 60 poems for her 60 years and even wrote one myself (well sort of – it’s more prose in the shape of a poem). I wanted to do something special for her because over the years – around 25 of them – we have helped each other, especially in times of need. When I was crashing, I ran to her. When she was crashing, she ran to me.

After her birthday celebration – where we consumed too much champagne and chocolate – or rather the next morning, Helen dropped Rob and me at the airport. We flew to Toronto and my sister picked us up. The next day I did not get out of my pyjamas.

Now we’re at Gill’s, relaxing…

I’m not much up to writing these days. Too many moves. Too many conversations. Too much to think about. Hopefully soon I will be able to put all into perspective and write something interesting.

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