I love summer

Posted on 01 July 2010

At last, we have had a stretch of beautiful weather. Some days when the temperature rises over 30 and sweat is dripping down my back and at midnight, when there isn’t a hint of a breeze and no clothes feel like too many, I remind myself that just over two weeks ago, we had to turn the furnace on and I must not complain.

Marlene arrived a week and a half ago to prepare for our writing workshop. Last Saturday I picked up three women at the train station and dropped off one male. Rob was happy to be going to Madrid (and Marlene and I were sorry to lose our chef.) But it is good that he went.

This week is about women and writing, dreams and the soul, and though Rob writes, dreams, and most definitely is soulful, it’s different when there are only women in a house as I imagine it is different when there are only men.

It’s a small group this year, for many reasons, and because of its size I do not have an assistant. Still I miss my Gill. I lay out breakfast each morning and I prepared (with Marlene) the welcome dinner and we will serve a finale dinner tomorrow evening. As I gave up on cooking a long time ago, I have been searching my memory for something to serve that is fresh, delicious, easy, and Frenchie. And also because of the smaller size, we have been able to give a little extra time – like the potluck dinner on Monday evening, after which, we watched several Jungian DVDs, and I drove several participants to Albi yesterday afternoon to view the cathedral and museum. Tonight we shall have open readings.

This is the first year that I haven’t taken the workshop and though I have some regrets, it is easier and I have time to breathe when the workshop is in session and run an errand or two.

I forgot that today is Canada Day and one of the participants brought in Canadian flags and tatoos. I put one between my breasts and two other women did the same. Several others put them on their arms, and one near her ankle… I asked one women if she felt more patriotic since the Olympics and she said “definitely.” As I missed all the fanfare in Vancouver, I don’t feel more or less. I am proud to be Canadian for many reasons but I am also proud to be Northern Irish and I have an affinity for France… I am lucky at this time in my life to be able to bounce back and forth between continents, and the small island on which I was born.

Just before the workshop, the insurance company paid the majority of our claim and so I was able to pay the artisans.

And my friend, Clare arrived yesterday with her family.

Life is good.

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