Slowing Down

Posted on 06 June 2010

I say I”m slowing down but really I’ve been busy. I arrived home to Rob, Susanna and Lewis (Canadian friends, architect, and interior designer, responsible for so beautifully transforming this house.) The next evening, while I strugged to fit into the time zone, we all went to David’s 70th birthday. (He loved the slingshot and cigars I brought him from Canada.) The next evening or was it the next, Susanna and Lewis left for Provence and Henri and Susan, friends who live outside Paris, dropped in for dinner. Thank goodness Rob loves to cook.

The rest of the week I’ve been catching up on work that I somehow never got round to during my visit to Toronto. I did escape to Toulouse yesterday and wandered the streets and stores in over thirty degree sunshine. And oh yes, I did go back to the insurance office earlier in the week and no matter what I do, I can’t get them to give us the remaining money to pay the artisans and close our file. I give up. It’ll come when it comes.

The weather has been glorious (though a storm is moving in) and my precious grape vines, all around the village and beyond, are now lush and green – they have doubled in size since I saw them last. And speaking of growth, while I was away, Rob planted a lemon tree, pepper tree, herbs, and a number of vegetables in pots on the terrace, and all are growing so quickly Rob thinks that someone is playing a joke on him and switching the plants at night. We’ve already had fresh lettuce in a salad.

This week, I shall put an extra effort into slowing down (though I do have a number of business things I have to do.) When I mentioned to Shirley my problem with non-activity and finding my soul, she wrote “No one faults the cat for sleeping all day.” I must remember this.

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