Posted on 14 May 2010

On Wednesday, I flew up to Paris and across the ocean to Toronto. I’m here for two weeks to visit two of my sisters, my brother, and my parents. I left all our insurance worries and more behind for Rob to deal with. Hopefully when I return to France, all will be resolved and I can relax and work with words, not slow-moving French “experts”.

I should not complain. I live in one of the most beautiful villages of France. I love the farmers’ markets, the vineyards, the green rolling hills, and the language. Life is so much slower and this I like and this is what drives me round the bend – at times.

I am happy to be back in Canada where all seems easy, where all appears more efficient, where I understand the language, where I don’t feel helpless and yet I love the challenge of living in a foreign country, where all is not certain, where I do feel helpless.

I wonder if France has slowed me down or made me wiser. I chose to come to Ontario rather than British Columbia as I worry about my parents who are both in their eighties. And yet, two of my beloved children live in Vancouver as do a number of close friends. I would have liked to hop from Toronto to Vancouver but
then both visits would have been rushed and this I cannot bear. I need to take my time, not feel as if I am always on the run.

I will return to Canada to Vancouver later in the year when I have more time to visit with my children and friends, and play.

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