Posted on 29 November 2003

Saturday afternoon, I’m sitting in my little house in the garden playing on Amazon, searching for all the books that I’ve ever wanted to read and compiling a wish list. I’d really like to do away with Christmas – the gift part that is – but Rob, for one, likes giving and receiving presents. He’s already sent me a selection of books and music he’d like. Not last year but the year before, I requested that my gifts be handmade and not cost. Rob wrote an account of our first ten years together. I loved it. He promised to write sequels but, to date, hasn’t. That’s the kind of gifts I like best.

This morning, I went to my Plum writing meeting at Wenda’s where we ate scones and grapes, drank good strong coffee, spoke of writing, wrote, and laughed. I love the way that we laugh together. These women are good for my soul. We did a number of writing exercises – short spurts – for upcoming contests and we decided unanimously that Shirley’s acrostic and Wenda’s story of 69 words were the winners. All was light-hearted and when we attempted a story on sisters – Wenda had a unique take on what sisters are.

We decided that the four weeks from our last meeting was just too long to be apart so we’re going to meet every second week. Surprisingly (or not) some very good stories have developed from our writing exercises. Vaughan read a short erotic piece that began at Wenda’s table, from a line Shirley provided, that has just been published in an anthology. She read from the glossy new BOOK, Hot and Bothered 4. It was such a pleasure to see her name and story in print – as if they were in lights. I think we plums are just beginning to find our wings.

Later this afternoon Rob and I are heading downtown to meet up with my longest friend, Penelope, who is a lawyer in the Yukon, and who is in town for a court case.

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