I should be in Vancouver

Posted on 16 March 2010

Rob tells me that the cherry blossoms are out. The weather is balmy and, for the first time in years, all three of our children are there. But here I am, living in our house again (Oh yes, I moved in last Thursday because I could stand it no longer being without my space though the house is not completely restored.)

Here’s the progress report that I sent to the insurance agency:

1. 1 mars, 2010 – M David Hewson a commencé la rénovation. Son travail est maintenant fini.
2. 3 mars, 2010 – Anton, du bureau de M Medina a commencé à refaire l’électricité. Son travail est maintenant fini.
3. 10 mars 2010 – France Telecom a réparé les lignes de téléphone et d’Internet.
4. 11 mars 2010 – Enterprise Manresa a nettoyé les murs et les planchers en vue du décorateur.

The painter (or decorator as they call the finisher here) begins tomorrow and so I have left all, except my bed and parts of the kitchen, covered in plastic. When he finishes (I have no idea how long he’ll take – he’s going to paint the house top to bottom) I have to whitewash and varathane the diningroom floor ( that’s another story that I’ll tell at another time) and wait for the insurance cheque so I can pay all. Then I’ll hopefully be free from house concerns and the angst that sits at the pit of my stomach refusing to budge.

This has not been an easy time for either Rob or I or our relationship. We didn’t even realize how stressed we were until recently. Rob’s stress has manifested itself in a painful skin condition. I was hit by the worst cold I’ve had in years. One night I refused to talk to him. I paced. I cursed. Then I sent him a long letter via emai. He wrote me and we solved the worst of our disagreement. (This is what I love about writing. It’s more thoughtful, clearer than speech, and comes to some conclusion or resolution.)

Now we are doing what we swore we would do when we moved to France until circumstances beyond our control took over – taking time by ourselves to think about what we want from our individual precious lives.

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