Twilight Zone

Posted on 17 January 2004

Oh dear, I wish I’d written in the morning. At the moment, i’m without a mind. I’ve been sleeping late. Rob would love it. I hate it. I have been having extraordinary dreams that keep me in the twilight zone but when I’m fully awake, I can’t reconstruct them.

Today I took Gill to a doctor’s appointment and then went to work. That’s it.

Oh last night I had a book club meeting where we discussed my choice “Journey by Moonlight” by Antal Szerb, thought a classic in Hungary. Several of the women thought the main character immature. I didn’t. He married at the beginning of the novel in hope that he would fit into this world but it didn’t work. When he stepped off the train for a coffee and climbed back on, he found he was on another train but did not make his way back to his bride. I loved his adventure and Szerb’s writing. One woman said that she didn’t usually enjoy my choices but she did this one. She thought the writing similar to mine. I only wish (but I loved the compliment.)

Tonight I must gather my wits and do my French budget. (I’ve hardly begun but I have a plan

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