Old and Beaten

Posted on 22 January 2004

I’ve been sleeping since 8:30 last night. My head is in a vise. My nose continues to pour. I’ve been filling myself with vitamin c, sudafed, and neocitrin. I’m taking two days off and will hopefully return to this blog Friday restored. yy


January 22, 2004

I’m feeling old and beaten this morning. How the hell does one believe in one’s Self when a number of people seem to be questioning that Self – not maliciously – out of kindness really – and perhaps Self should revise her Self. Some days I feel as if I know nothing. (I know I’m being unclear but, at the moment, exposure would leave me too vulnerable.)

Anyway, last night I went out with my three offsprings (I can’t call them children anymore) and we met my mother and sister with her three children (baby Cameron included) and ate at the Red Onion in Kerrisdale, went to Ikea, and then drove to Mike’s new flat. It’s gorgeous. 835 square feet of artist’s space. Ceramic tile floor, white kitchen, beautiful new fridge and stove (better than we own), and high high ceilings. No wonder he’s proud.

Helen just dropped in and we spoke of Self, integrity, and love. I thank the heavens for her love and wisdom. I’m feeling better but have to run for my mum and take her to the airport. Will continue this discussion at another time

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