Posted on 28 January 2004

I’ve decided to change my wayward ways and become a hermit. At least for the next month. I’ve a lot to do including a buying trip and the subsequent placing of orders, and I somehow have to squeeze in our (Rob and mine) business year-end.

I’m slowly recovering from that wicked cold and am still not up to full energy but I’ve been having fun, learning a new computer program, designing a pamphlet, and beginning to organize this year’s French writing workshop (in my head mostly but I have been jotting things down.)

And then there’s the store. I was in on Monday and Sherry said she liked working with me. She said that I was one of those rare women who like herself. My head spun. What gave her that idea? But surprisingly or not, most of the women who come into the store (including Sherry) are forever complaining about their bodies and, in most cases, I don’t understand.

But Mike just walked in and we’re going to have dinner together (the house is lonely without Gill) and then I’ll drive him home. So no more musing about bodies for the moment. I have been writing but don’t want to jinx anything by telling at this tim

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