Car Accident

Posted on 29 January 2004

I am going to attempt a replay of what happened last night.

Mike came over and made dinner for the two of us. We left a 6:30 to buy a few groceries for him and then I was going to drop him off at his apartment.

We went along Marine Drive from West Van into North Van. I drove into the middle of an intersection, green light, and put my left flicker on. The light turned to amber. There was a white car coming west but he was far enough back to stop and so I turned the steering wheel and put my foot on the accelerator.

Mike screamed. Instead of slowing down the white car sped up. Mike knew he was going to hit us.


The car spun, crossed the road, and its nose curved around a post.

I started wailing. It felt as if half my face was gone.

Mike asked if I was all right and told me to open my door.

I tried to open it – wailing all the while – but it was locked. I pulled the button up and pulled the door handle. It opened. I stepped out but couldn’t stop the animal cries. Mike climbed out after me.

My face was burning from the airbag I later learned. Someone led me to the side of the building of Speedy Auto Glass – the place where I had brought the car just a week before to have the back window replaced – and I slid down to a sitting position. Mike sat beside me.

A man came over and said he was a doctor and checked my vision and grasp.

The other car was still in the intersection and the driver remained in the car.

The ambulance arrived. The police arrived.

They took us to St. Paul’s – all three of us. The young man in the other car was on a stretcher and only whispered his replies.

At the hospital, they checked us. Both Mike and I could walk and talk and after they gave me a tetanus shot and took x-rays, Helen came and drove us home.

I saw the young man who hit us, being rolled into the x-ray department.

I keep seeing that white car coming toward us.

Today we are both sore. Mike has several bumps on his forehead, a bruised elbow, swollen knee, and scraped legs.

The right side of my face looks like it has been scraped with sandpaper. So does my nose. My upper lip is swollen, scabbed, and there is a cut from the middle of my nose to my lip. My right leg is swollen.

We spent the afternoon at ICBC. They won’t have a chance to assess the damage to our car until tomorrow.

We picked up a replacement. Mike drove.

This is all the writing I’ve done today.

Damn it all.

I know I should be singing. We’re alive.

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